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Pickle ball organized tournament play is fun for your employees, clients and as a corporate event. Simply Me Box event team coordinators will arrange for your local court times, provide catering, event staff and keep score. On our website you can choose paddle design, team shirts and customize the paddles with your company logo. Customization lead time for small events are 45 days and for larger events lead time varies.

Tournament Service Include but not limited:

  • Set up all tournament attributes
  • Register players into play events, non-play events like meals, t-shirts, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Forecast daily schedules, with the Day Planner
  • Administer waitlists
  • Manage volunteers and referees
  • Check-in players
  • Handle court assignments
  • Record match results
  • Create on-deck and court assignment billboards
  • Generate brackets
  • Automatically include results in UTPR ratings calculations
  • and much more.

Everyone has specific needs so reach out to one of our SMB corporate team members to answer any questions on your request.

If you would like to see if a court is close to your office, click on the paddles below and search in your region.  PICK YOUR PICKLE BALL PADDLE BOX

You can always contact us Toll Free at 1-833-MY-GIFTY or contact us