Hospitality & Resort Gifts

Hospitality and Resort Gifting

In-Guest Hotel Experience


The hotel experience does not simply begin and end when guests check into their rooms. It starts when they begin researching a hotel’s amenities, location, and availability. It continues until the final bill is delivered, and in some cases, even longer.

Hotel guests want to feel as though they are taken care of in every possible way. When you read the most favorable reviews, many of the comments attribute a positive experience to the “extras” a hotel provides. Whether that means extra attention, extra consideration, or a few extra toiletries when the guest is in need, it is not unheard of to expect hotels to go above and beyond with hospitality gifts and impeccable service to provide a five-star guest experience.

Simply Me Box understands that standing out in the market amongst other hospitality establishments is a challenge. Whether you’re offering a special anniversary package that includes a gift or a holiday corporate client appreciation, going that extra mile can make all the difference between creating a loyal guest or one who patron’s your competitors.


Our team found that travelers who stay at hotels wanting to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or wanting to provide a business gift would ask guest services. Often the selection is based on what is available in house and not from a company that can deliver that unique experience. We carry leading brands and always include local small business products as well.


If you are looking for a more branded gift box or for your events, give us a call at 1-833-MY-GIFTY and talk with your corporate account specialist.