Meet your Experiencer


More Than Just a subscription box - We Offer an Experience!

For those who love to write, enjoy fine stationery, baking, yoga or simply making new friends just got a lot easier. Say “goodbye” to boring subscription box services, clubs and say “hello” to a new experience, which is available exclusively to all of our Papyrus Box members when you purchase are subscription box.

Our monthly live lessons, audio meditation and more experience that are matched with the theme of your subscription box.  It is a chance for subscribers from all walks of life to share newly-discovered high-quality goodies in the Papyrus Box, brew ideas, and discuss their DIY projects.

Not only will you receive an experience in your box but every two weeks, there will be an exclusive member group chat between members where members can choose the topic ahead of time. Subscribers can select out of a number of experiences;

  • Creative writing for people wanting to publish a book (shortcut on illustrations, promotion, online publishing, etc...)
  • There will be a Tea master’s webinar from the world’s foremost expert
  • Live Cooking Classes
  • Calligraphy writing tech, and much more.
  • Yoga, Meditation

There’s always going to be plenty to talk about, which makes this a truly wonderful social and learning experience for our members.


Meet some of our experiencers

Mariska Swartz 

International Yoga Instructor | Meditation | Wellness

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years & teaching yoga for 10 years.

I grew up in South Africa where I was a competitive junior tennis player and then moved to the U.S. to accept a scholarship to play & study at Montana State University. I resided in America to start a tennis coaching career & a few years later was introduced to yoga & was hooked immediately. I had coached tennis while practicing yoga for 10 years & then was ready to apply my leadership skills to yoga.

Review more about Mariska and The Yoga Retreat on her Papyrus Box Experiencer page


 North Carolina Pastry Chef Lauren Arena


Polka Dot Treat Shop-Founder

Featured in our 2020 Holiday Papyrus Box, Chef Lauren demonstrates from her own kitchen how she merges artistic flare, with her french culinary training, to bring you new creations you can make in your own kitchen. In your Papyrus Box you will receive an item and recipes, with instructions on how to participate in this experience.