Valentine's Day Reflection

Valentine's Day Reflection

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, love is in the air and it has sparked a memorable act of love. Have you ever had an exceptional Valentine’s Day planned out by either a new romance, long-term lover or spouse? For me, it is my memory of a past boyfriend who surprised me and my sister. At the time, my sister and I were on a vacation in Miami, Florida and it happened when she and I checked into our hotel room. Upon opening the door with our hotel key, we wheeled in our luggage, sat down on the bed and noticed across the room a beautiful hand-written note attached to a bottle of wine and bouquet of flowers beside it. There was a loving message addressed to the two of us wishing us a great sister trip. To me it was such a surprise that he took the time to locate the hotel (I had only made mention of the hotel name once and these were the days before the internet) and convey such love and kindness. To my sister, she kept saying to me “OMG, what a nice guy!”


I have found surprising acts of love and kindness to be a great way to spread love unto others and if you are the one performing the kind act, the love is infectious and unknowingly bounces back to self as well. I LOVE love and love to give, this is why I began my gift company, Simply Me Box, almost 3 years ago. I have always enjoyed giving of my time, money and now that I’m older, giving of my experiences in hopes of helping others through similar situations. Funny enough, I was the person you could not buy a gift for because I was/am ultra finicky. Today, as a company, we have incorporated this idea of curated gifting onto our customers.


The best gift a Valentine can give to a loved one is the gift of love. Love comes in many packages and if you are unsure as to what type of gift to give to leave a lasting impression, sit with your thoughts, ponder on what that person means to you and your answer will come.







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