Move Over Valentine, Galentine Comes First

Move Over Valentine, Galentine Comes First

Galentine’s Day is a global holiday on February 13th that celebrates women’s friendship. As a woman, I applaud this day by reaching out to the women in my circle, whom I love and admire, for the amazing qualities that make them who they are. Early on in life, I learned the importance of the female bond, be it between mother and daughter or through the friendship of girlfriends. I, like many of you reading this, have been blessed with the best mother in the world. She is loving, kind-hearted, emotionally strong and has been a great role model to me. Fortunately, I am blessed to still have her in my world, even so that she does not live around the corner but is only a plane ride away.

In my late teens, I became fast friends with a woman I met at work. Her nickname was “Nightowl,” she was ten years my senior and little did I know, Nightowl would become my mentor for the next twenty plus years. She was a master at role playing “what if” situations, getting me to think of how I’d handle a situation should it ever occur, situations I had never even thought of due to my naivete. Nightowl helped me navigate through boyfriends and growing pains and for this, I give her an enormous amount of thanks for always being there when I needed her.

 Current day, I can say my cup is full with the love and support of quality girlfriends. I cherish each one and try to show them how special they are to me. We may not all be able to gather so frequently due to busy schedules and family and that’s ok. Throughout the year I enjoy putting pen to paper to send snail mail on special stationery to express a positive message of love, sometimes even accompanied with a thoughtful gift like a candle or selfcare product.

Galentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways. Personally, I am excited to host my first Galentine’s party at home with a handful of beautiful souls, who I am honored to have as girlfriends. Hopefully, they will not see this article before the party since I’d hate for the planned festivities to be a spoiler alert. I’d also like to mention, none of my girlfriends attending have ever been to a Galentine’s event which for me makes it that much more special.

To give you a little visual on what I have planned, I will be greeting each person with a hand-made pearl wristlet corsage, designed by me, with fresh pink flowers and greenery for them to wear. Every girlfriend deserves to feel special and that being said, who doesn’t like beautiful flowers? Once inside, they will notice a lot of pink (my chosen theme color…thank you Barbie), an array of varied fresh pink flowers scattered around, hanging from the ceiling, a dining table adorned with Kate Spade’s gold polka dot table linen and cloth napkins designed with mini hearts by fashion designer Rachel Zoe. I ordered pink edible glitter by Fancy Sprinkles to color our choice of beverages and will provide an afternoon lunch, pre-made by my husband since I don’t cook. This Galentine’s Day, I hope you too will celebrate the women in your lives. Cheers to our girl squad!


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