Bookshelf Wealth

Bookshelf Wealth

In case you haven’t heard, “bookshelf wealth” is 2024’s new major design trend! It is all about creating a bookshelf at home with carefully curated home-stacked books. This is the latest home decor trend and I must say, it is beyond EXCITING! There is something magical about receiving a book, holding it in hand, turning the pages, and tucking it away in that special place. 

When researching design, also consider your needs in terms of seating. Will your bookshelf be in a space where you and your family can relax with a book either reading from a comfy chair, reading from a window seat, or maybe even reading from an indoor swing? Once you’ve created your bookshelf design, you’ll want to ask yourself how you’d like to display your books. Will you group them according to author, genre, or maybe even color code? You may even consider having a section for each family member as a go-to for their favored books.

When I began Simply Me Box, we pursued a business that offered a gift box with a NY Times bestseller and fine stationery. Since then, we have expanded to additional gift box themes, yet our book box remains to be a staple and popular subscription service. If you are ever in need of the perfect gift, you will not go wrong with a book. The only thing you need to know about your recipient is a bit about their personality. Knowing their interests and hobbies should guide you in choosing what genre to gift. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your recipient prefers audio over hard copy, a coffee table book of interest may be a safe bet.

To choose a favorite bookshelf is asking the impossible. It’s like being asked to choose a favorite book when you have a long list of “favorites.” I can say this, think of your must-haves when creating your library and sit in your space like a visitor to gain a deeper sense of what is required to define your ideal at-home bookshelf. Most of all, create a space you will enjoy being in to house your favorite books and have fun with the process.



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